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An Introduction

            Middle East Elevators (MEE) is an elevators sales and maintenance company based in the Kingdom Of Bahrain, established in 2003. Initially the company was established as a company for installation, commissioning, services and maintenance of lifts and other kinds of vertical transportation.

         The company is committed to support infrastructural development of the region by supplying and installing superior quality of the Elevators. Since 2006, MEE carried out significant number of projects, which were rewarded by the satisfaction of its clients. The company is run by a team of highly skilled, qualified staff, engineers, technicians and office support who oversee all stages of the design, supply, installation, modernization, commissioning and maintenance of elevators, escalators and moving walks.

New Sales

             After installing around 150 new elevators and maintaining around 50 elevators of various brands in the market and with hands on experience Middle East Elevators went on to assemble new elevators with the best available parts from Turkey, Italy, Germany, Greece, it was one of its kind and since 2009 and have sold and installed over 70 elevators in Bahrain.

Kleemann Helas S.A.

             MEE signed a contract for exclusive distribution with Greek company “Kleemann Hellas S.A.”; it was brought to Bahraini market strong European brand for lift manufacturing. Kleemann is a company with a long and successful history, since 1983, in Kilkis Area, Greece. Today they operate in privately owned building facilities covering 82,500 m2 on a privately owned lot covering 201,500 m2. Bahrain is one of the 75 countries all over the world, where Kleemann exports its products.

             Kleemann group of employees exceeds 800 in number. New built testing tower contributes to the development of new, high-rise, high-speed lifts. As experts in specialized solutions, they can cover the needs of all buildings, from small residences and office buildings to industrial buildings. When you select one of the Kleemann products, you gain access to an entire world of personalized services: custom-made solutions for each and every customer, technical training adapted to your needs, as well as advice on renovation and legislation issues, 24-hour telephone service and on-site technician visits whenever necessary.

Kleemann Helas S.A.- Products

Kleemann Helas S.A is the products include almost all the type of vertical transportation solutions possible.

1. Hydraulic Elevators,- MAISON
2. Electric Machine Room above elevators, -TRACTION
3. Electric Machine Roomless elevators, - ATLAS
4. Bed Elevators- MEDI LIFT,
5. Goods Elevators, - MEGASPACE
6. Car Elevators, - AUTO LIFT,
7. Goods only Hydraulic elevator- COMPACT
9. Dumbwaiters,
10. Scissors Elevators,
11. Escalators,
12. Moving walks
13. Car parking system

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